In an increasingly globalized world, a German degree gives students access to the language, culture, and marketplace of three leading European nations: Switzerland, Austria, and Germany.  Together, the inhabitants of these three countries, combined with native speakers in other regions of the globe, make German the most spoken language in the European Union and the tenth most spoken language in the world.

  • On a professional level, speaking and understanding another language opens many career opportunities. German is one of the main languages used in business and international diplomacy. It is the language that is most often required or recommended in academic programs.
  • German is an important scientific language and is the second most common on the Internet.


  • You will learn how to pronounce German alphabets/words/Greetings/Useful Expressions which are of everyday use.
  • Articles/Nouns/Gender/Plurals.
  • Pronouns/Verbs/Adjectives.
  • Nominative and Accusative.
  • You will be able to frame simple sentences in Present Tense.
  • You will learn Numbers/Days of the Week/Months/Seasons.
  • You will learn to introduce urself and others as well as ask questions to others – e.g. How are you? Where do you come from? What are their hobbies? – and can respond to questions of this nature.


  • Can understand what the other person is speaking if he /she speaks slowly.
  • Can describe about your Family/Home/Work/Travel/Shopping.
  • Can do a telephone conversation in German language.
  • Can frame questions used normally while Travelling/Shopping/in Restaurant.
  • Simple Past Tense
  • Past Perfect Tense
  • Reflexive verbs
  • Prepositions
  • Conjunctions
  • Dative Case
  • Genitive Case
  • Can do small talks in German.


A1 level (1.5-2 Months)
  • Weekday Batch Mon-Fri (2 Hours per day)
  • Weekend Batch Sat/Sun (4 Hours per day)
  • Fees Rs. 10,000/-
A2 level (2-2.5 Months)
  • Weekday Batch Mon-Fri (2 Hours per day)
  • Weekend Batch Sat/Sun ( 4 Hours per day)
  • Fees Rs. 12,000/-

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