Student Testimonials

  • Prajeesh Thomas

    I am lucky to have my training at Aspire Global Education. The coaching at this institution helped me recognize my weak areas and work towards correcting the problems. The institution as well as the staff were very much supportive in our preparations and always provided us with enough materials to sharpen our skills in each modules of IELTS. Overall this is an excellent academy to recommend others. My heartfelt thanks to Aspire Global.

    Prajeesh Thomas,

  • Bala Subramanium

    The material provided for IELTS is very vast with a lot of practice sessions. The faculty is extremely cooperative and goes out of the way to give you personal attention.

    Bala Subramanium,

  • Vidyasagar

    The GRE material is very detailed and the basic concepts are stressed on along with questions of all difficulty levels.


  • Sutupa

    Thanks to you Payal for all your help and guidance. You have been a great mentor. All these scores are only because of you.


  • Sutupa

    Coaching and practice provided by Payal helped me to achieve Proficient level for PTE. The reference and the practice materials provided were valuable too. I would certainly recommend Aspire Global Education for any English related coaching.

    Shobith K,

  • Sutupa

    The course was very effective and highlighted the way IELTS test is structured. The different methods introduced for listening and reading really helped me in getting good scores. Ample practice and techniques for speaking and writing were also appreciated. The flexibility offered in taking the classes as per my convenient schedule was critical for a working professional like me.

    Manoj Patil,

  • Nischay

    I studied at Aspire Global for Weekend GRE Batch. Nice teachers and material. Also online material and mock tests provided by this institute were pretty exhaustive. Got a GRE score of 325 (Quant 168, Verbal 157, AWA 4.0)


  • Pravin

    It was really great learning experience in aspire global for PTE exam. The staff's experience and field knowledge were remarkable and helped me to crack the PTE exam in my first attempt only. The training and practice material provided by them were very helpful. They helped me identify the mistakes which occurred repeatedly and solve that. I am really happy now to have cracked PTE with great score (Reading=69,Writing=71,Speaking=73,Listening=72) and wish other aspirants all the best.

  • Akshay

    I have got 316 in GRE.There is a saying "What a teacher writes on the blackboard can never be erased", and I completely agree with the proverb.The classes I attended and the training I was provided in 'Aspire Global Education' were really good and helped me getting the score. The Quants lectures by Mr. Gagan made it easier to tackle the difficult problems in the test and assisted me in getting a score of 35/40. Even the Verbal lectures lent a helping hand to face the questions in a much easier way.I am grateful to you and I hereby wanted to say that I am thankful for the coaching you provided. (GRE score : 316)

  • Karan

    I came to know about this institute from PTE website. I started my classes with speaking which was very informative and gave very useful insight about PTE-A . Reading writing and Listening sessions were also very useful.The practice sessions in the class helped to analyse my weakness and strength and work on it.It gave me a lot of confidence to prepare for the exam.The material provided was informative and more than enough.Both the facilities are excellent and supportive.Overall I had a very good experience. Thanks Payal Mam and Neha Mam to help me achieve the these good marks in the exam.(listening -80, reading- 73, speaking - 84, writing - 78)

  • Rakshita

    I failed to clear PTE(Speaking section) even after taking two attempts. That was when I decided to connect with Aspire. I requested them to give me crash course for two days (4 hours total) and thankfully they agreed (Many coaching centres do not entertain something like this). They gave me one-to-one attention and pointed out the mistakes I was doing. They gave me lot of tips and inputs which helped me tremendously. Finally I managed to clear it. I am very grateful to the faculty. I would definitely recommend Aspire Global Education to anybody who is looking for PTE/IELTS and other entrance exams.

  • Manjunath

    The tips from the trainers were very helpful. Training was logical and helped me analyze my strength and weakness and work on it, which helped me especially in writing and speaking and getting great PTE score(Listening-80, Reading-69, Speaking-71, Writing-76)

  • Priyank

    I really loved the coaching for PTE at Aspire Global Education. Faculties here are extremely talented and supportive. Their coaching techniques, depth of knowledge and experience helped me a lot in learning and also boosted my confidence. Moreover, the material provided was based on the vast experience of faculties which helps in different areas of exams especially the tough areas like speaking and writing. Once again I want thank all the faculties for the motivation and support they have provided to successfully clear my exam. (Listening 87, Reading 81, Speaking 72, Writing 89)


  • Priyank

    I really thank the PTE Aspire faculty for helping me achieve a score of 80 in my PTE exam. Their tips are really helpful and they pay attention to each and every individual. I had a problem in the speaking section and only with their guidance; I could score well in this section. Aspire is the right place to go if you are planning to give your PTE exam.


  • Arun

    I would strongly recommend this coaching center to everyone who aspires to take IELTS/PTE.The teaching approach was excellent.Materials provided by them were very useful.Identified and pointed my mistakes well by my tutor, especially in the Writing and Speaking module.Mock tests were really helpful, if we take it as serious.Much needed personal attention was given to everyone which fine tune my ability in all the modules.


  • Sneha

    I was really skeptical about getting a band 8 before I joined Aspire. Even though I attended training for a short span, I was able to utilize what was taught in exam.Tricks mam suggested have helped me a lot in all modules.Thanks to Mam's dedicated teaching and help I was able to score band 8. Could not have done with out your assistance.


  • Tushar

    Anyone aspiring towards a high score in IELTS, should definitely enroll with Aspire Global Education. With a small batch size, you're assured with increased interactions. With great tips and tricks to prepare various modules, you're assured of a better understanding of these modules and a greater probability of higher scores. With an exhaustive course material, you're assured with enough enablement on diverse facets of each module. With huge number of mock tests, you're assured of gaining higher confidence before the actual test. With use of social technology, you're assured of answers to all your personal queries.

    Tushar Saxena,

  • Sulagna

    This is the ideal institute that one should be for cracking IELTS with a dream score! My trainer, Payal , is simply excellent. Her teaching methodology is extremely comprehensive for all the modules and the specific techniques she taught us for cracking each of the modules helped me to a great extent for achieving the desired band. Her mentoring procedure is absolutely brilliant and unique which you may not find in other institutes. This institute is not at all money minded and the trainer takes personal interest in guiding you as much as you wish to push yourself. You will get every help here all the time you want in any of the modules. The workbook provided was very useful for each and every module and covered extensively all possible practice topics. In addition to the workbook there were many extra handouts that were provided time to time for listening, reading and writing modules. There were unlimited mock test sessions which made me confident to approach the main exam with confidence and immensely guided me to achieve the desired score. I will recommend Aspire Global Training Institute to everyone who is preparing for IELTS examination. I guarantee that this is one of the best training institutes in Bangalore.


  • Ramesh

    Flexible training schedule, exhaustive training material, mock tests and coaching helped me clear PTE with an overall score of 89. The faculties were always available, for focused training, when required

  • Prasanth

    I followed the tips provided in class by Mam. Implementing these tips takes time initially but as you practice it becomes easier and helps you score better. I took question papers home and wrote lots of mock tests. I analyzed the results of those tests and discussed it with Mam(especially speaking n writing).My score is Listening: 8.5, Reading :8.5, Writing: 7, Speaking:7.5


  • Pravda P

    Being a former student at aspire global education, I can say without doubt that it really helped me achieve the score that i wanted in my ielts academic exam. The flawless teaching methods followed, rich learning materials provided and the attention given to every student individually really helps to evolve the way we approach the exam. I got a band 8 in my ielts exams (academic).. Thank you aspire!

    Pravda P,

  • Tirunamal

    My sincere thanks to Aspire Global Education (Payal and Neha Mam) for helping me achieve an excellent score of 88 in PTE in first attempt. The materials provided by them were very exhaustive and helpful. They taught specific strategies for each section and also provided individual feedback on the areas we need to concentrate. I was able to improvise on my weak areas based on the comments given by them for Writing and Speaking. Practice tests and mock tests provided were extensive and helped me in time management along with accuracy. I wish all the very best to the Aspire team.


  • Sandeep

    Aspire Global Education is an inexpensive, best institute for PTE coaching with flexible timings, supportive faculties. When I attended demo class, I found it a little different as other institutes said they have one-to-one class but in Aspire, it was group of students. After 2 classes,I felt its better to be in a group to get knowledge of others too and learn from them than being an individual student. Initially, I thought PTE is not my cup of tea but with the materials they provided, the techniques they taught and with the online practice tests, it helped me to get overall score of 74


  • Prashanth

    The classes were very good & effective & it was a great learning experience.The faculty help you analyzing your weakness & help you overcome it. The flexibility of the classes is good.The practice materials & mock tests are good enough to crack PTE.

  • Sri

    I had joined Aspire Global Education for IELTS General Training and obtained a very good score in the first attempt within a very short span of time.Trust me, I owe this success solely to Payal mam,She is not only experienced but also co-operative and understand a student's need properly and coach students professionally. Student are given sufficient practice in all modules during class and are provided with some best study materials. One on one feedback's on essay and letter writing are given regularly.Similarly, multiple mock tests are conducted to give an exposure to all 4 modules. A great amount of impetus is also given on Speaking module by means of Cue Card questions. I am sure you will never be disappointed with Aspire Global Education but with one condition make sure you attend the class regularly.

  • Abhiram

    The most important coaching required for PTE is not to teach English but to familiarise students with the exam modules and provide tips to answer the questions with ease. This is exactly what Aspire equipped me with. On a personal note, I could not attend few classes due to unavailability but Payal and Neha put in that extra effort to ensure those classes are re-scheduled before my exam for my benefit and I am very grateful for that. All in all, the interest that the trainers have in providing good coaching is very evident at Aspire.

  • Himanshu

    I hereby want to thank all the faculties of Aspire as a whole for a wonderful training plan, notes and especially for the online resources which really helped me to crack PTE within a short span of around 2 weeks. The practice tests are wonderful.

Student Name Speaking Listening Reading Writing Overall Band
Manoj Patil 7 8 9 7 8
Prajeesh 7 6 8.5 7 7
Sutupa 8 8.5 7.5 7 8
Nidhi 6.5 8.5 7.5 7 7.5
Sangeeta 7 6.5 7 6.5 7
Sanat 6.5 7.5 7 7 7
Divya 7.5 7 6 6.5 7
Neeta 7.5 7 7 6.5 7
Sanoj 8 6.5 5.5 6 6.5
George 6.5 7.5 8.5 6.5 7.5
Karan 8.4 7.3 8.0 7.8 7.8
Arun 7.5 8.5 7.5 7.5 8

Latest Results on GRE are :

Sai Thota : 321 points
Rakesh : 320 points
Meera Nair : 310 points
Rashmi Singh : 315 points
Nischay : 325 points
Akshay : 316 points

Latest Results on GMAT are :

Reeta Mahajan : 690 points
Babu rao : 700 points
Palavi : 715 points

Latest PTE score :

Manjunath : Listening-80, Reading-69, Speaking-71, Writing-76

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