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Why should you hire an Overseas Education Consultancy?

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Overseas Education consultancy: Every student wishes to study abroad and relies on the Internet to answer their questions. The Internet can answer all of your inquiries, but there is no proof that the material available on the Internet is accurate. Data on the Internet might be out of date and untrustworthy at times.

Studying abroad needs plenty of formalities and paperwork, which is not an easy undertaking. Students must be informed of the application deadline, admission requirements, Visa requirements, and available housing. This necessitates a great deal of tension. To overcome this obstacle, you should contact an educational consultant. They can help you with the application procedure. Educational consultants are a collection of specialists who have up-to-date information about universities and colleges and can assist you with the procedure.

A student can save a lot of time by hiring an educational consultant. Educational consultants also discuss employment options following graduation. Hiring an educational consultant will help you through the process and save you money in a variety of ways.

Pick the best Overseas Education consultancy firm in India.

In India, there is multiple Overseas education consultancy. A sensible decision will boost your chances of admission to your preferred college. Studying abroad is no more a pipe dream for the wealthy; with the right advice and financial aid, anyone may study abroad.

AspireGlobalEducation is the top Overseas education consultancy in Bangalore and the leading worldwide education supplier. Our experts have up-to-date information on all institutions and colleges, which might aid students. We help them with the admissions process, including obtaining the necessary documentation, obtaining an easy visa, obtaining financial support from the appropriate source, finding work during and after their studies, and so on.

AspireGlobalEducation was founded in 2008, and the company has since worked with other universities. We have a 100% visa acceptance rate and have sent over 8200 students to their desired institutions. We pay specific attention to each student, examine their profiles, and recommend the best college for them.


Our committed team's passion for teaching is reflected in our techniques. They specialize in helping students get ready for standardized examinations like the SAT, GMAT, IELTS, and GRE by regularly updating the subject matter in accordance with the ongoing (current) examination pattern.

extensive one-on-one counseling sessions that are tailored to the needs of each student

Focus on basic ideas as you increase the level of difficulty.

Each teacher can be reached through an effective phone and email support system.

SMALL BATCH SIZE to ensure individual attention to each student. Personal attention is given to each student for any advice or query around the clock.

UNPARALLELED SUPPORT is given to the students. Access our support and take unlimited practice sessions till you accomplish the score you desire.

How does Overseas Education Consultancy in India help you?

Admission to institutions in other countries can be exhausting and time-consuming. Admission consultants can help you with the application process. They also provide pupils with career coaching. AspireGlobalEducation experts will initially provide you with appropriate advice regarding the various colleges and universities in the country. They will next aid you in selecting the best college for you and will inform you of the admissions process. Before recommending a university, our experts examine the student profile.

Once the college has been chosen, our specialists will explain the unique conditions that must be accomplished in order to get admission to the college of your choice. They will then assist you with the admissions process as well as other supporting documents such as a resume, statement of purpose, and English proficiency certificate.

The visa application process is the next critical step. Our professionals will walk you through the process and assist you in obtaining the visa. We have a track record of obtaining 100% visa approval. A reputable education consultant in India would have relationships with banks and financial institutions and can help you obtain education loans if necessary. We are the top foreign education advisors, and we play a significant role in providing students with career counseling and guiding them on the path to success and dignity.

What should we do? The list below outlines how AspireGlobalEducation professionals can help you.

  • Explain the country's educational system.

  • Assist you in selecting the appropriate college or university.

  • Assist you with the application procedure.

  • English tutoring for students TOEFL and IELTS are examples of qualifying tests.

  • Assist in the organization of papers such as a resume and a statement of purpose.

  • Visa application procedure

  • Provide pupils with career coaching.

overseas consultants in Bangalore
overseas consultants

Advantages of Choosing the Best Overseas Education Consultancy

A student may wish to study abroad for a variety of reasons. Students want to study in the United States, the United Kingdom, and now Ireland. Our professionals have an extensive understanding of the subject and will guide you through the procedure.

The reasons why you should hire an educational consultant are listed below.

Six reasons why you should consult an Overseas Education Consultancy

Career counseling

Career counseling from educational consultants will be beneficial. Educational counselors are knowledgeable of the country's course offerings and job chances following graduation. Educational consultants will direct you in the proper direction to realize your ambition.

Helps you make wise selections when they are required

Making the appropriate college choice can be stressful. Education consultants will examine each student's profile and recommend the best university for their studies. The admissions procedure is also guided by Overseas Education consultancy.

Safety and Security

Students are assisted by educational consultants during the admissions process. Students may be shielded from fraud in this way.

Documentation and Financial Estimate

Additionally, educational experts provide a detailed explanation of the paperwork needed to get admitted to the desired country. With their resumes and statements of purpose, our experts offer assistance to students.

Applying for a student visa

Students might receive assistance from an educational consultancy in India to obtain the correct and complete documentation needed for visa acceptance. The most time-consuming component is the documentation, which can only be completed with the assistance and direction of a professional with knowledge in this area. The likelihood of a student getting their visa accepted is 99% with the aid of an educational counselor.

Job Availability in Abroad Countries

You will also learn about the Career choices open to you from education experts. They also talk about the pay scale offered in that nation.

Housing Assistance

Going a long way from home to studying abroad, students value both academics and safety. Our education experts assist students in locating housing after completing their schooling.


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