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TOEFL | Best TOEFL Coaching in Bangalore

Test of English as a Foreign Language Overview Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a compulsory English test conducted for every student from a non-English speaking country looking for overseas education in English-speaking countries like the USA, UK, etc. If you are looking for the Best TOEFL Coaching in Bangalore, Aspire Global Education is the best option for you. Our team of experts has years of experience and provides all-round services to students.


It is a test conducted for assessing fundamental abilities in English and is accepted by over 6000 colleges and universities in 110 countries. This is over 3 times the number of any other English-language proficiency test. The test is administered in 180 countries at more than 1275 test sites. A TOEFL score is valid for two years and then is deleted from the official database. The maximum score for Internet-based TOEFL (Computer-Based TOEFL) is 120 and each section gets 30 marks.

Please click on the link and download it for FREE detailed grammar sessions. They will prove very helpful in improving your WRITING and SPEAKING skills in ENGLISH boosting your scores.

TOEFL Coaching in Bangalore
TOEFL Coaching

GRE is a student friendly entrance exam which assesses on your logical thinking and implementation skills rather than your knowledge. This can only be accomplished through a comprehensive training program that involves a right combination of content and strategy which are very crucial to succeed on the GRE.


With the GRE revised General Test, you can decide which scores to send to schools. If you didn’t achieve satisfactory results, you can take the exam again and then send your best scores to your dream university.


  • Performing TOEFL test provides several benefits that help you to assists for your overseas education. Some of them are

  • Regardless to the place where you want to study, TOEFL test enables you to reach your desired destination. Depending on the test score will be eligible for getting admission in college or university in the world.

  • There is much flexibility in performing a TOEFL test whenever you want to take. You will be offered practice tools and feedback, and more alternatives to study abroad than any other English-language test in the world

  • TOEFL enables you various amenities such as, listening to lectures, view films, attend seminars, read textbooks, perform online research, speak with professors and other students, write academic papers, reports, e-mails and more





  • TOEFL test consists of four distinct modules, each determining the essential language proficiency that is used in the atmosphere of the academic.



  • This module determines the proficiency of understanding intellectual reading issues. The Reading module consists of 3-5 comprehensive passages (long passages and questions asked about them). They are chosen from the academic topics, which are found in undergraduate university textbooks.The time varies from 60-80 mins.

  • This module determines the proficiency of understanding the English since it is used in the colleges and universities. Listening module consists of 6 comprehensive passages, two passages will be the conversations of the students and the other four will be academic lectures or discussions. Students have to understand the conversations and answer for the passage questions.

  • The time my vary from 60-80 min.

  • This module determines the proficiency of speaking in English. Speaking module consists of 6 tasks, two independent tasks and four integrated tasks. In the independent tasks, students have to answer opinion questions concerning to the academic life. In two of the integrated tasks, students have to read a passage, listen to a passage and speak about how the ideas in the two passages are related. In the other two integrated tasks, students have to listen to long passages, review them and speak about the information in the passages. This section is for 20 mins.

  • The course material containing ample practice on all the sections.

  • We give you 32 MOCK TESTS which are practiced in the class.

  • Extensive online resources with video tutorials, explanatory notes n detailed score card analysis

  • The course duration is around 35 hours.

  • We have weekend and weekday batches.

  • The weekend batch is 10am -1pm and 6pm – 8pm

  • Course fee is 7000

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